Baby Hiking Carrier Where To Buy


Boba Wrap is an affordable baby wrap that is comfortable to put on. It is constructed from a mildly elastic textile that easily twists around your child. A 360-degree support attribute enables your infant to move while covered and supplies your infant enough room to readjust their body. Don’t worry; the cover won’t allow your infant autumn. Baby Hiking Carrier Where To Buy

The wrap can hold a weight up to 35 pounds. as well as children as much as 18 months of age. Nonetheless, if your baby is less than 5 lbs., make certain you discuss with your physician prior to making use of the product. It gives hands-free convenience to hectic new mamas. The durable and sturdy cotton knit is woven using spandex for resilient high quality, correct assistance, as well as retention of the shape so that the wrap does not sag on prolonged use.

Whether you’re an infant wrap pro or a novice, the Boba Wrap is value for money. It supplies an elegant, flexible, and comfy setting for your infant.

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Baby Hiking Carrier Where To Buy


What is a Baby Wrap?Baby Hiking Carrier Where To Buy

A child wrap is essentially an item of long material you connect and also knot around yourself to create a pouch on your chest, hip or back where your baby can sit. The textile normally wraps over your shoulders as well as throughout your upper body. It’s indicated to distribute the infant’s weight throughout your shoulders and hips. Unlike various other providers, there are no clasps, rings or buckles that may go into you or your kid’s body.

Wraps can usually be made use of with newborns up until your kid is 18 months old, although moms and dads obtain the most make use of out of them in the initial a number of months.

Why Do We Need to Wrap?

There are lots of benefits to babywearing and also I’m rather sure both of my children enjoyed being lugged in the covered kind.

Babies that are lugged hassle less and sleep more. They are comforted by the close call and audio of your heartbeat.

We understood if we put babies in the Boba, pretty much ensured infants would certainly go to sleep as well as stay asleep quite awhile. We located it easy to wear her and operate at the exact same time conveniently.

The wrap is very soft so there are no clasps or anything difficult digging into your baby.

Once you master the wrap down it’s easy to obtain them in and out. They like being so snug and also snuggled beside you.

Baby Hiking Carrier Where To Buy


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Features of Boba Wrap

The Boba cover has a straightforward layout, no fastenings, straps or switches. It evenly distributes infant’s weight so it fits for a long wear time.

Child can be brought facing you and also in a baby hold.

Boba Baby Wrap covers are made out of a maker washable 95% Cotton/5% Spandex blend.Baby Hiking Carrier Where To BuyBaby Hiking Carrier Where To Buy

We enjoy the spandex mix because that little bit of stretch keeps points snug and also from stretching out on you.

This cover can support a weight Range of 7-35lbs. we directly like wraps for newborn babies yet they are made to still be encouraging even once your infant is older.

Now when you initially draw a Boba or any type of wrap out of package it is a little daunting to see all the textile.

You require read the guidelines as well as practice a little bit. There is a little of a knowing contour but with a some practice it clicks and is in fact pretty easy to tie. I would certainly suggest exercising as quickly as you get it so it’s ready to go when needed.

What we like about Boba Wrap

  • The product is soft, elastic, and does not sag
  • The cover is machine-washable
  • It allows you to nurse your baby anytime, anywhere
  • Gives utmost convenience as well as a relaxing setting to your kid
  • Can be stored and carried easily
  • They additionally use a complete 1 year guarantee on all items ought to you locate a manufacturing issue.
  • They approve returns on direct orders within 60 days of purchase.Baby Hiking Carrier Where To Buy

What we Don’t Like about Boba Wrap

  • The Boba Baby Wrap perhaps a little bit long for smaller mothers and may additionally take time for connecting it to obtain utilized to.
  • Infant has to always face inward


 Boba Wrap Prices and Models

Baby Hiking Carrier Where To Buy

Boba Wrap Classic Baby Carrier – $40

Boba X – $150

Boba 4G Carrier – $105

Boba Air – Ultra Lightweight Carrier – $58


Baby Hiking Carrier Where To Buy

Additional Specs
Weight limits: 7-35 lbs
Available positions for baby: Front inward

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When selecting a child wrap, you require to consider a few points, including safety, comfort, simple changes, and assistance for both moms and dad and also baby. Once you have actually discovered the ideal cover that ticks every one of these classifications, you will certainly sign up with the soldiers of moms and dads who love using their kids.

All of the above child cover options for mother and fathers can be found in Boba Baby Wrap Carrier.It also includes a storage bag and is maker cleanable, making it simple to keep a clean lugging space for your baby.Baby Hiking Carrier Where To Buy

All costs and also more additional info you can locate at


Frequently Asked Questions

I am having trouble using my Boba Carrier or Boba Wrap

We get it. Child carriers, especially covers, can be a little confusing at first. And also since the Boba Wrap is made of top notch stretch material, tying one is different than your average infant cover. Read our suggestions for a perfect fit so you as well as your little one can get out and see the world with each other securely, smartly and also super-duper comfortably. You can likewise check our guidelines as well as security tips page for various other wrap aid, plus tips for the Boba Carrier as well as Boba Air. Still feeling iffy? Do not hesitate to send a photo of yourself using the carrier or wrap to, and also we ‘d enjoy to have a look and give you some guidelines.

Can my baby face forward in your products?

We do not recommend lugging your child encountering forward in a Boba Wrap, Boba Carrier or any kind of babywearing tool for any type of quantity of time. This position causes excessive stress on your child’s pelvis as well as back as well as it can throw off the user’s center of gravity. What’s more, if your little traveler is being worn facing out with in need of support legs, it can develop abnormal and unpleasant arching of the back. Ouch. Lugging your baby dealing with right into your chest is one of the most ergonomic as well as comfortable placement for both baby and wearer. The Boba Wrap is advised for use with the front lug, inward encountering position, and the Boba Carrier is recommended for both front as well as back carry positions (both inward-facing, as well).

Can I purchase replacement parts for my older generation Boba?

Sadly, our replacement hood, foot straps and infant insert will not service all Boba Carrier generations. The hood as well as foot bands will certainly collaborate with the 3G as well as 4G designs, and the infant insert is exclusively developed for our 4G carriers. If you are looking for replacement buckles, please contact us at or call 888-567-9727.

What is the difference between the Boba Carrier 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G?

The major difference is that we simply maintain enhancing our models to use more of the functions mother and fathers desire. For instance, the 3G as well as 4G can be used with newborns (hooray!). We’ve also expanded the seat as well as elongated the shoulder bands. And also the incorporated, easy-snap infant insert in the 4G makes it simpler to utilize the service provider with 2 youngsters (going from toddler to infant) without needing to switch buckles. Things like that.

Are your products machine washable?

They sure are. We recommend spot cleaning consistently and also cleaning only when needed to extend the life of your provider. When cleaning the Boba Carrier, usage cold water, set your device on the fragile cycle and hang dry. For the Boba Wrap, do it on delicate with cold water and roll completely dry on reduced.Baby Hiking Carrier Where To Buy

Can you help me with [insert Boba-related issue here]?

You bet. If you have any added questions, issues or praises, our pleasant customer support group is here to help. Get us on the ringer at 888-567-9727, email or live conversation with us 10am– 4pm MST.


  • Free Shipping on orders over $40 If you’re here in the U.S., any orders over $40 will certainly ship for F.R.E.E. Yep, all acquisitions delivering within the Continental United States over $50 will ship without charge with USPS or UPS, excluding wholesale customers.


  • Free Returns
 – We accept returns on direct orders within 60 days of purchase. No questions asked. We’ll also pay all delivery on residential returns and also exchanges. We also offer a complete one-year guarantee on all products should you find a manufacturing problem. Just email to get started. Keep in mind: If you purchased your item from a retailer, you go through their return plan.Baby Hiking Carrier Where To Buy

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